Here Are 4 Ways To Call Internationally Better

Here Are 4 Ways To Call Internationally Better

Traveling from one country to another is becoming a trend and more and more people are finding it more easier to communicate with the following tools to stay in touch with their loved ones, friends and colleagues abroad.

1. Land-line
One of those tools is not that far away from you or stranger to you. Yes, it’s your own land line that will let you connect internationally. Just make sure what plans and rates are available from your particular provider in order to avoid surprise bills later. In general, calling from land line to countries outside the one you are residing in should be cheaper than most cell phone plans.

2. Whatsapp
If you have a smart phone and internet access, simply download this application to make calls. Whatsapp can easily connect phones from various carriers and let users send or receive text messages instantly. Best of all, it is free and there are very few people who have complained about it. Once you download this app, you can easily sync it with your friends list from Facebook or find and add your contacts by some other means. This application is one of the most popular trends on the internet world as of today. The only draw back is that you cannot listen to the voices of whomever you are calling.

3. Skype
Skype is another tool and most well-known video conferencing system after land-line. It lets you video chat with anyone with an account for free. You can also use this app with your smartphone on the go. Because of the popularity, you can assume that most of your contacts are on Skype.

4. Google Voice
Google Voice lets you call internationally just by loading a minimum amount. It is extremely inexpensive compared to Skype or land line. Calling within your country if you are in the US or Canada is free as well. This system will work well for those who do not own a land line or a smartphone. Better yet, you don’t need to download anything; Google voice is accessible directly from the internet. Just create a Google account and click on the G-chat bar. Note that you will have to maintain the minimum balance as deposits cannot be made from outside the US.

The Expanding VoIP Industry

The ever-expanding digital communication industry has transformed countless facets of our everyday lives. How we communicate has evolved exceptionally. With the invention of ‘Voiceover IP’ (VoIP), making long-distance phone calls has become more convenient for people around the globe. Since its introduction to the mass-market in 2004, VoIP has become common to many households around the world.

It is no coincidence that this industry was able to expand so rapidly as the world became more interconnected with the Internet. The world grew smaller as our ability to communicate got more innovative. Making cheap phone calls to people around the globe has become a necessity as the need to communicate globally continually grows. Having VoIP makes this process much simpler and cost-effective for people and businesses to communicate.

The fulfillment of this need has allowed the major players in the VoIP industry to reach market values in the billions of dollars. Since its beginning, they have expanded the services they offer from caller ID, to call diversion in addition to adding features such as ‘do not disturb’. They give their customers virtually unlimited freedom to move about the globe and communicate at their convenience because their devices can be used wherever there is an Internet connection. In efforts to improve customer satisfaction, companies like Vonage are even offering unlimited international calls to more than sixty countries. You can find more deals from Vonage at

So while the Internet communications machine seems to be expanding faster than the universe, the need to be able to communicate in this ever changing world is expanding rapidly as well. With the invention of VoIP, the boundaries are only as limited as the imagination of the innovators. Services have expanded from home phone service to mobile devices. They have applications that can be used on a wide selection of tablets. With some providers now allowing phone calls from anywhere in the world, all you have to do is establish an Internet connection, create an account and install their application onto your device to begin calling.

For families who are scattered around the globe, this technology makes sense. If your wife is from Canada and you are from the United States, communicating with family is easy and cost effective. With this technology, you are only around the corner from family and friends, although you may be thousands of miles apart.

8 Ways To Get Deals On Cyber Technology

8 Ways To Get Deals On Cyber Technology
A few simple tips can help to save a great deal of money when it comes to buying cyber technology. Some consumers do their best to hang onto their existing products, and others focus on purchasing energy-efficient devices that cut down on their electric bill. These are excellent strategies, but there are also several ways that consumers can save money when it comes to the initial purchase price as well.

Eight Great Ways to Save

1) Make sure to have a look at the price of existing gadgets when a new product comes out on the market. Everything from phones to laptops have a tendency to drop in price when they become slightly out of date, but most consumers don’t need whatever product is being promoted as the next new thing.

2) Take a look at refurbished electronics. These are often every bit as good as brand new ones, and the original manufacturer often does the refurbishing anyway.

3) The term Cyber Monday refers to the first day of the week immediately following Thanksgiving weekend. It might be a cheesy marketing ploy that’s being promoted by the news media, but it’s also an excellent time to order technology products online. Retailers generally drop prices during this time, but bargain-hunters have to be very careful. Some online stores raise prices the week before, which means that consumers might not be getting the best deal.

4) Never neglect online auction sites. While it’s true that many people buy products with the intent of reselling them at inflated prices, there are also tech companies that have official outlets through these sorts of sites as well. There are times when it’s possible to get a very good deal this way.

5) Shop around for cables. While it might sound silly, manufacturers often hike up the prices on cables for devices that are otherwise reasonably priced. Cables from third-party manufacturers often work every bit as well.

6) Take a good look at trade-in programs. Some electronics dealers will take old models and lob off some of the price of the new ones in turn.

7) Most products are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty, which means that purchasing a store service plan is largely unnecessary.

8) Shoppers in physical stores can often save money on cyber technology by purchasing returned products.